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Welcome to Paddieswitch

Paddieswitch is the most versatile, scalable, secure and cost-efficient way for anybody to distribute and settle transactions, whether remittances, payroll, or payments. The Paddieswitch API helps you create your own payments flow from e-commerce to recurring payments, payouts and everything in between.

This API consists of a set of endpoints that allow a merchant to send money to beneficiaries via bank accounts and mobile wallets. It also consists of other services for bills payment, airtime and data purchase.

The Paddieswitch API is organized around REST. The response is provided as structured JSON.

This section introduces the set of APIs that are implemented by Paddieswitch and are available for integration by partners. These APIs cater to the services offered by Paddieswitch as described above. They will allow you to;

💸 Send Money to Bank Accounts and Mobile Wallets: In-country (Locally)

💶 Transfer Money to Bank Accounts and Mobile Wallets: Across boarder Remittance (International)

⚡️🧾💡 Pay Bills: Bills payment for Electricity, Cable Tv and Bettings

📲📡 Airtime and Data Purchase: Recharge your airtime and Purchase data

👥 Validate Customer Details and much more